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Unwanted thoughts

It is really difficult when people want to project their problems on to you.  I feel like I am a constant scapegoat for people.  struggling to find my words when someone pushes me around and always feeling the coulda woulda shoulda.
Which is why I become so angry when I see someone else being taken advantage of.
When these feelings are forced to be shoved down, I feel like I want to run to the place I remember being the happiest.  This place was at a Bible Camp in Montana.
However, if I were to go there today, it would not be the same.  I would still feel the longing and loneliness I feel when someone refuses to hear my needs.  This is because you cannot go back to that place, because you are also not that same person.
I recently listened to a podcast by NPR's Invisibilia, talking about our thoughts. More specifically our unwanted thoughts.
I have lots of these. Just like I'm sure you all do.
The secret is, is that these thoughts don't necessarily mean anything; unless …

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