Friday, March 16, 2012

Health and Beauty

The sun is out and I have my coffee and listening to some Lissie. 
This reminds me of waking up in my old house and having coffee before I go outside to work in the garden and go for a bike ride.  It's these simple memories that I recall feeling that everying in life for that moment is perfect.  I think it is importanat to recall these moments. 

I am loving hair school and finding myself a little more revealed in my work.  I am choosing to stand alone in what I do and remember I am there for no one but myself.  There is a power I find in creating a sensual piece of work.  And when I say sensual I mean something that grabs your senses and sparks your thoughts.  I have the opportunity to have a photo shoot with a model of my choosing, which is incredible exciting to me.  I feel it's what gives me energy. 

I am discovering that I can make beauty my own.  It is not something that the media sets for you.  You have the power to choose your own definition of beauty.  And it is okay to agree with the media if that's what makes you happy :).  Really beauty is what you make of it.  Some people can just provide you with tools to help.  I think of each individual as a work of art, showing the world their own beauty and that my role as a cosmetologist is providing ways to highlight those things. 

In the means of health, I am finding difficulty losing more weight without causing deprivation.  Therefore I am choosing to continue to take what I have learned with weight watchers and continue my understanding in eating organic and less processed foods and make exercise a priority. 

Through these discoveries I choose to use these things to create a long and happy life for myself.  By loving myself through emotional and physical ways.  And showing others love by dicovering their own beauty inside and out.  This is my life. 

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