Loving wisdom

Do you ever wonder when someone or something is going to wake you up?  When you will be rescued from the thick fog you tread through?
I find my soul yearning in this question more often than not.  And when I reveal to myself that it is me who is in my way, I become angry with myself and rendezvous back to where I started. 

I think a good portion of this problem lies within my lack of patience with myself. 
We are all followed by our past and there are plenty of times that I convince myself to run fast enough that it will not catch up.  Well that's a lie friends.

I was reminded by a friend that healing only comes through befriending your past.  Often times my pride takes me by the hand yelling behind us, "Try and catch us!"  and I grasp her hand and ride that wave of rebellion until I crash hard on the sandy shores of my humble childhood to meet the girl that was once me. 

It's hard to be with her because she is always crying. That is what my pride says.  But there is another part of me that wants to be with my pride and the little girl.  This part of me is my loving wisdom.  I don't know where she comes from but she's always there, the difficult part is quieting myself long enough to hear her. 
She walks with grace and peace, carrying only love.  She's always willing to give love to me. She is beautiful and everything that I want to be. She is me. 

She is me. 

All that I chase and long for is in me. 

I am perfect as I am. 



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